The Greatest of Facial in Studio City or Los Angeles

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Do you need absolutely the greatest facial service in town? One that your friends is going to be envious of? Facial Oxygen to fit your facial needs during the time? Nicely, Beauty Boutique LA is merely the place for you. You can expect a wide range of facials according to your needs, conditions and preferences. All our facials select distinct costs and time-span.

Your popular facial services

Bashful - Lashful

This facial is especially tailored for those who are very cautious of these cautious. It requires 60-minutes and simply goes for $145. It will help you preserve a lovely face while leaving these glorious intact.

Natalie’s specialty Signature Facial

This can be a non - surgical face lift the most suitable for the antiaging requirements. Through the facial approach, proteins are accustomed to detox, lift and tighten your-face reaching beautiful benefits immediately. This niche facial goes for between $ 135 and $ 165.

Acne facial

This facial is supposed for individuals encountering skin acne problems. The facial requires 90 minutes and costs $ 145. Oxygen therapy along with other extracts are used within this treatment. Generally, your skin undergoes comprehensive cleaning and healing processes.

Everything Epicuren Facial

That is an allinone facial that goes for $ 125 and takes 60-minutes. During this facial, only epicuren products are used. It has some great benefits of both an antiaging and acne facial.

Back it-up

This is a back facial that makes it possible to handle wearing backless clothes. The facial moves for only $ 120 and requires 60minutes. For more take a look at
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